Canoe Map Updates:

Known Errors:
  • Fat Lake campsite (BWCA) appears in wrong location on 086 Pageant Lake.
  • Pictographs shown on Poohbah Lake (Quetico) wall map do not exist.

Planned Future Updates:
  • Fire perimeters and PMAs are often poorly labeled. Shading and/or better labeling of area perimeters is planned.
  • Lake maps south of Fall Lake may be added in the future.
  • Only portages longer than ~100r are currently labeled with their length (in rods). Eventually all portage lengths will be labeled.
  • Points of interest such as pictographs are not currently shown. Update 5/13/2019: The new wall map now shows pictograph sites - this update is planned for all maps.
  • Additional parks and regions: At this time I do not plan to render canoe maps of additional parks and regions on my own. If you are interested in helping, please email me at peter@canoemaps.com.
Sample of the 4'x8' BWCA/Quetico Wall Map