Boundary Waters and Quetico Canoe Maps

Free printable Boundary Waters and Quetico canoe maps, for non-commercial use. Rendered at 1:31680 scale (1 inch = ½ mile). Campsite and portage data has not been verified. Much of the campsite, portage, and entry point data was compiled by members at Please consider donating to support if you find these maps helpful. Users may also download GPX data and derive their own custom maps using Caltopo.

Download Complete PDF Map Set                 Download BWCA/Quetico Wall Map PNG (94x48 inches)
Download Overview Map PDF                         Download BWCA/Quetico Wall Map Black & White PNG (94x48 inches)
Download GPX Data                                         Download BWCA Wall Map PNG (128x48 inches)

This set of 207 map PDFs is designed for printing at home in 11x17 format (8.5x11 also works). We recommend printing on weatherproof paper such as iGage/PuffinPaperTerraSlateDuraCopy/WeatherJet, or Rite in the Rain (cheapest option, but less durable). Dupont Tyvek may also work. Weatherproof paper is usually coated specifically for inkjet or laser printers - be sure to purchase the appropriate type. Another affordable method is to spray regular printer paper with waterproof spray and insert into sheet protectors.

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